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Booster Kit

Booster Kit

Size: 7.09 MB | Version: 1.6 | File Type: APK | System: Android 4.0.3 or higher

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Booster KitBooster KitBooster Kit
Android Apk ModsDescription :

What for? It’s all about speed and productivity!
Once you start actively using your device, install and uninstall different types of apps, your system gets occupied with millions of residual and obsolete files, including the old images you receive in messages. In addition, you get bloatware that still consumes battery and memory even after the device switches to hibernate. Ending redundant processes does not help. Your device is still overheating and the system starts getting slow. This is the right time for a phone speed booster packed in an appealing interface. Booster Kit is acting like a speed engine for your device - cleans the memory and saves the system.
Android Apk ModsFeatures of Booster Kit apps :
- Deletes unnecessary files and frees up more memory
- Keeps your charge level under control identifying and stopping the apps that consume too much energy
- Increases speed and FPS in games launched from Game Booster folder
- Gives the list of installed applications and helps manage the list of the apps that launch automatically
- Prevents system from lagging and helps achieve optimal performance of your device
- Works as a handy widget switcher providing you with a quick access to the most frequently used functions (Wi-Fi, Brightness, Volume, Flymode).
Android Apk ModsFeatures of Booster Kit mod :
- All Unlocked
- Advertise Removed 
Android Apk ModsInstall Instructions :
* You visited this site on mobile ?

1. Download the Apk file on mobile. 
2. Install and run it. 
3. That’s it,Enjoy!
* You visited this site on desktop or laptop ?

1. Download the Apk file on Pc.
2. Transfer Apk file from PC to your Android Phone (Via USB , Bluetooth , Wi-Fi). 
3. Install and run it. 
4. That’s it,Enjoy!
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