Car Eats Car 3 – Hill Climb Chase Race Apk Mod Unlocked

Car Eats Car 3 - Hill Climb Chase Race

Car Eats Car 3 – Hill Climb Chase Race

Size: 119 MB | Version: 2.8 | File Type: APK | System: Android 4.4 or higher

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Car Eats Car 3 - Hill Climb Chase RaceCar Eats Car 3 - Hill Climb Chase RaceCar Eats Car 3 - Hill Climb Chase Race

Android Apk ModsDescription :

Car Eats Car 3 is a free mobile racing game with hill climb chase action in the successful series with over 50 MILLION DOWNLOADS!
Drive the coolest turbo boosted cars in a world of mobile racing action! Play online and offline with cool race vehicles such as red car “Beetlee”, tractor “Harvester”, battle vehicle “Loсomachine”, fast police racer “Francopstein” or massive tank driving machine “Tankominator”. Drive epic hill climb chase cars and start all the turbo boosted engines in Car Eats Car 3!
Take over the roads in Car Eats Car 3! Race, smash and destroy other battle vehicles in this uphill and downhill battle racing game. Escape from police and damage by dropping bombs and shooting rounds of battle bullets at your enemies. Drive the cool turbo cars and upgrade everything! Race to survive and finish your car first every level in the game!
The chase race is going to start! No fines in this arcade racing simulator game but you can go to jail! Don’t let police cars catch up. Drive turbo fast to get away with race speed and escape from enemies, cop cars & end bosses. Each race is a challenge so turn on racing nitro and gain respect from hill climb racers and police.
Pick the right racing vehicle for each level! Upgrade your collection of cars with turbo boost to stay ahead of the fast police units. Do not let the fast cops arrest you and put you in jail next to your racing friends! Wild action battle races are ahead of you in this arcade driving simulator and car battle game.
This is also a car tycoon game: Play special missions and game events to earn and unlock new race cars. Pick your battle vehicle of choice and get out there!
To get the police off your back during the chase, upgrade cars with extra speed, ammo, weapons, nitro, and turbo boosts. Build unique cars from parts obtained in the racing levels. During epic hill climb battle races, you drop powerful bombs, freeze your enemies, and silence the other racing cars with an electromagnetic pulse.
Unlock, upgrade and boost new cars, monster trucks, 4×4 racing vehicles and support drones! Collect coins to upgrade the cars. Upgrade racing speed, armor and turbo boost. Chase and crash enemies with the missile launcher, freeze ray, magnet, special bombs or even an electromagnetic pulse emitter. Explore exotic locations and complete action missions. Flips and stunts fill your turbo booster, so don’t forget to stunt around in Car Eats Car 3!
Become the king of car chase racing and drive against the police! Play offline as well. Overtake police cars in colorful locations such as racing city, dusty desert or paradise island. This car battle game has no rules at all! No need to avoid a crash in Car Eats Car 3. Insane driving speed and battle power are important in this special racing world!
Drive without fear and help friends that are taken by the police. Be the king of the road and master your turbo off-road driving skills. Remember you take part in hill climb action all the time and are on a mission to free your racing buddies. Beat police cars and free your game friends. Get behind the wheel and drive!

Android Apk ModsFeatures of Car Eats Car 3 – Hill Climb Chase Race games :

– 72 unique uphill climb levels
– 36 car battle chase action levels in the “Dungeon”
– 28 different cars to unlock
– All cars own unique race battle skills for exciting hill climb action
– 36 enemies to beat. Speed & Turbo!
– 9 End Bosses in special action battle races
– Car Eats Car 3 has 9 evil end boss vehicles of mass destruction
– 2 mini games; Ruby Hunt and Carkanoid
– Carkanoid Game has 15 different levels
– Unlock cars and bonuses in 3 special game sections; INCUBATOR, FRIENDOPEDIA and POLICEPEDIA

Android Apk ModsFeatures of Car Eats Car 3 – Hill Climb Chase Race mod :

– All Unlocked
– Advertise Removed

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