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Draw Your Game Draw Your Game Draw Your Game
Android Apk ModsDescription :

Everybody has one day dreamed of creating his own video game. It's now possible with Draw Your Game! All you need is paper, pens, and our app! It's super easy!
- Create: this is where you build your own world with paper and pens! You can also draw inside the game, so you can create on the go.
- Explore: play the levels of drawers from all around the world. Some of them are easy. Some others are complex and very hard. You choose whatever you want to play!
- Adventure: play through a hundred levels picked by our team of dreamers. Follow unlockable characters through their journey into a world of paper.
There are two kinds of levels:
- Escape: the character must find a way off the paper to escape and finish the level. Sometimes it requires some clever mind tricks!
- Destruction: the character must push blue objects into red ones to destroy them. It's not as easy as you may think!
The game is FREE (with ads)
- For free, you can finished the game and unlock all features if you play in the adventure mode.
- You earn a sticker each time you finish a level and you unlock a feature when you finish a season.
- You need to wait 2 hours between each season unlocked.
- There is a video ad every 5 minutes.
If you don't want to wait or don't want to play in adventure mode, you can do a purchase to unlock features:
- One by one if you want to consume your stickers.
- You can buy the "Full Version" (in-app purchase) to unlock all at once.
- A special offer is available for the "Full Version" the first 24h (30%).
So what are these pens for?
You can pick between four colors to draw a world:
- Black for stationary floors/ground (basically, platforms)
- Blue for movable objects that the character can push around (we love physics)
- Green for bouncing elements (sounds like fun)
- Red for elements that will destroy the character or the blue objects (don't touch them!)
Here are some advices from our artists
- Use fairly wide felt-tip pens.
- Choose vivid colors.
- Take pictures under good lighting.
Android Apk ModsFeatures of Draw Your Game mod :
- All Unlocked
- Advertise Removed 
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