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Electric Screen Prank

Electric Screen Prank

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Electric Screen Prank Electric Screen Prank Electric Screen Prank
Android Apk ModsDescription :

electric screen prank app is a super fun prank game. Prank your friends and family with this free game. Making jokes with this game is so simple; for example leave your mobile or tablet unlocked and when somebody touches the screen shall believe the screen creates electricity when is touched. The electricity effects and sounds simulate a electric shock.
Have into account that this free app is just a game that simulates a electric screen shock. It is designed to joke with your friends and family. Kids and children also can have so much fun with this app. Besides the electric screen prank, the app also includes a mini game, which is used to obtain coins and unlock new lightning effects colors.
The game consists of several parts: the electric screen prank game, the mini game Potty vs Bugs and the free coins virtual store. At the beginning the only available electric lightning color is the blue one. Other colors as red, yellow and green have to been unlocked. In order to do so the user needs to collect coins. Coins can be collected in several ways: playing the mini game Potty vs Bugs, sharing on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus) or watching rewarded videos. Each video the user watches gives +50 coins. If the player shares on any social network of the mentioned above also gets 50 coins but only for the first time that he/she shares.
The free mini game included is Potty vs Bugs, an adventures platformer game based on a story of a potato, which has to pass 80 levels over 4 worlds to complete his mission. The game is really addictive and fun. The player will discover plenty of challenging levels, secret bricks full of rewards, hidden underground scenarios. Jump, run, swim, shoot fire balls and take a balloon to fly to the sky. There are plenty of different bugs awaiting the potato arrival. Many insects all over the 4 worlds, 8 final bosses in their respective castles. How to play this game is an easy task: move right or left, use the downward arrow of the game pad control to duck. Ducking on some tubes can make you go down through the pipes and find secret underground levels. Use the rightmost button to jump, and the one right on its left side to run and shoot fire balls. To run, the player has to keep the run button pressed while it moves right or left. Jumping is a bit tricky, since it depends on how long the user keeps the jump button pressed. As said before, the mini game is a great way of collecting coins to unlock new electric lightning color. Every level on the game is plenty of coins, some of them can be seen as part of the scenario, other are hidden on visible bricks and blocks, and the player can also find coins in secret blocks. The sky levels are a bonus to add more coins to the score of the game, which are used later to provide new content of the electric screen part. Remember that to store the coins collected in a level, the user has to finish that level.
The design of the game is made thinking on create a environment to enjoy the prank app electric screen and have fun playing the mini game Potty vs Bugs, all this joint to have a final goal, unlocking the strobe flash light effect. This shall be available once the user collects 2500 coins, then the user can have the electric lightning visual effect and the electric shock sound effect along with the strobe flashlight effect. Have into account that in order to enjoy of such effect your mobile device should have flashlight.
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