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Lux Light Meter FreeLux Light Meter Free

Size: 3.24 MB | Version: 018.2019.07.24 | File Type: APK | System: Android 2.3 or higher

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Lux Light Meter Free Lux Light Meter Free Lux Light Meter Free

Android Apk ModsDescription :

Lux Light Meter for Android.

Android Apk ModsFeatures of Lux Light Meter apps :

– High accuracy light measurement
– Lux and Foot-candle units
– Measures minimum, average and maximum brightness possible
– Calibrate the measurement with easy controls
– Store your measurement in memory with title, date and time
– Recall your measurements from memory
– Export and share your measurements as a list
– Reset the values at any time
– Understand the characteristics of the hardware sensor of your device
– Uses the smartest algorithms
– Construction workers compare the light level of different globes, particularly as you upgrade from halogen to led
– Flower hobbyist setup the right lighting level for each of your plants
– Biology teachers use for photosynthesis practicals
– Students use for practicals of electronic
– Photographers measure light on the photo scene and set exposure
– Diagnose a light deficiencies in your garden
– Office workers measure the acceptable illumination level at your work space
– At home check the intensity of the light that comes to solar panels
– Use the app for indoor bonsai gardening
– Understand what light bulbs to install at home
– Helpful when relighting kitchen, office and rooms
– Read the brightness of the sky, walls or bright objects
– Analyze light level of indoor environments
– Measure and compare indoors vs outdoors
– Note what a huge difference there is in light between indoors and outdoors
– Good and useful app to care for your vision
– Very useful for a greenhouse
– Great light meter to do experiments as a science teacher
– Helps selection of right led replacements
– Suitable for comparing workplace illumination
– Good to test flashlights and other equipment
– Use to setup projector screen and get the perfect spot
– Lets you measure the light for hydroponic plans and adjust the light position
– Useful tool for photographer
– Walk around the mall and see what the actual experience of diff light levels are
– Helps with installing a new lighting
– Great for testing headlights of the car or bicycle
– Find a good place in the aquarium room
– Compare the brightness level of one room with another
– Grow orchids indoors under lights, very helpful to ensure the right amount of light
– Smart, minimalistic and intuitive user interface
– Instant start
– Easy UI to master
– Excellent performance
– Perfect minimalistic design
– Improved light evaluation proximity
– Perfect everyday companion
– Ensures the most efficient use of battery
– Highest accuracy possible
– Ready for productive usage
– Doesn’t cause battery drain
– Intuitive UX
– Maximized efficiency
– Improved reliability
– Unique algorithms
– Total satisfaction

Android Apk ModsFeatures of Lux Light Meter mod :

– All Unlocked
– Advertise Removed

Android Apk ModsInstall Instructions :

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