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smart Chords & tools smart Chords & tools smart Chords & tools

Android Apk ModsDescription :

smartChord is THE app for every musician – from beginner to professional. In addition to more than 1,000,000,000 chords and fingering options, it integrates many other interlocking tools: Tuner, Metronome, Scales, Songbook(+), Setlist(+), Chord Progressions(+), Arpeggios, Circle Of Fifths, Reverse Chord Finder, Transposer, Musical Audio School , Virtual Instrument, …
Guitar, Bouzouki, or Mandolin: For a variety of string instruments, the specific chords, notes and moods are visually and acoustically presented – for viewing and listening – for predefined and custom tunings, from 3 to 8 strings, from the first to the last fret, with capo, for left- and right-handed, … Whether for the classroom or for fun around the campfire – smartChord offers almost everything a musician’s heart desires.

Android Apk ModsFeatures of smart Chords & tools apps :

– Contains almost all chord types and possible fingerings
– For a variety of instruments such as guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, ukulele
– Includes more than 350 predefined tunings (for example, Drop D or Rain Song)
– Supports any tuning with 3 to 8 strings
– Provides modes suitable for the skill level (beginner, intermediate, expert)
– Supports “Slash” chords, capo, the 5-string banjo with shortened string
– With ultimate comfort features like: Filter, Search, Sort, Favor
– Acoustic reproduction of all chords and fingering possibilities
– For right and left-handed people
– Finds the chord name to the handle (reverse chord finder)
– compose and transpose chord progressions (+)
– Find and save all the songs you like – without registration and account
– Millions of songs from the best internet song catalogs like ultimate-guitar, azchords,
chordie, e-chords, guitaretab, … for every instrument and tuning
– Transpose between instruments, tunings, keys!
– Intelligent word wrap, zoom and autoscroll feature
– Integrated audio player with A-B loop
– Full screen mode, ‘Dark’ mode, History, Print, PDF, …
– Import, Export, Synchronization, share with friends
– Organization of the songs, not just for the performance
– Supports auto-scroll, auto-play, gestures, PDF, full screen and
Pedals / Bluetooth Devices
– Precise tone determination in every frequency range
– Visualization of the mood at the instrument head
– Special modes for beginners or string changes (+)
– Optional vibration when tuning or visualizing the signal
– Supports all instruments and any tuning
– Pitch pipe for training the musical ear
SCALES for improvisation
– 30 different scales like Mixolydian, Dorian, Pentatonic, Chromatic
– Musical notation, formula and fingerboard
– For all instruments and any tuning
– 1000 additional scales (+)
– Diatonic chords (+)
– Patterns show how and where a scale is best to play – including fingering (+)
– The reverse scale search helps to find the key and scales for a lot of notes (+)
METRONOM for the perfection of timing
– speed trainer
– precise to 300 BPM
– optical, acoustic, vibration
– sound for over 60 instruments
– Learn to distinguish chords and tones of different octaves
– > 80 different instruments
– Learning control by means of statistics

Android Apk ModsFeatures of smart Chords & tools mod :

– All Unlocked
– Advertise Removed

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