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System Monitor

System Monitor

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System Monitor System Monitor System Monitor
Android Apk ModsDescription :

Manage tasks, manage installed packages, clean memory, helps to save battery charge of your phone. 
Works fast, consumes minimum of memory, low CPU usage, which also saves battery power.● Home screen widgets:
 ► System Resources – displays general information about the system. Allow you to configure the options for action by clicking on the widget (configurable in the options program). Available actions for a widget:
 - Clean up the memory by pressing a widget
 - Launch System monitor
 - Update the content of the widget
 ► CPU Monitor – displays a graph of the current CPU load.
 ► Memory monitor – displays a graph of memory usage.
 ► Battery monitor – displays a graph of battery usage.
● Task Manager. Manages tasks loaded to RAM. Capabilities:
 ► Close tasks. Tasks in the application divided on types:
 - System tasks highlighted to red color. Closing system tasks not recommended – it might cause instability in the system.
 - User tasks highlighted to green color. User tasks you can safely close.
 - Ignored tasks, highlighted in white. Ignored tasks – are tasks that you added to the Ignore List.
 ► Indicates the number of memory used for tasks.
 ► Auto closing tasks. To allow closing of system tasks, you need to enable option «Closing system tasks» in «Menu/Settings/Memory clearing».
 ► Ignore List. When adding tasks to Ignore List it will not close automatically when finished.
● Package Manager. Manages the applications installed on your system. Capabilities:
 ► Run applications
 ► Information about installed package
 ► Opening Android Market page for the selected application
 ► Uninstalling the applications packages
 ► Search for installed packages.
● Detail information of the system:
 - OS Build
 - CPU
 - Memory
 - Telephony
 - Networks
 - WiFi
 - Storage
 - Battery
 - Camera
 - Display
 - Sensors
● Turn off monitoring tasks when screen off, it allow save battery power.
● Clean memory when screen off.
 ► Modes of memory cleanup:
 Low – clean tasks what do not use resources
 Medium – clean unused tasks and background tasks
 High – clean unused task, background tasks and active tasks
 Hard – clean all available tasks.
Android Apk ModsFeatures of System Monitor mod :
- Advertise Removed 
Android Apk ModsInstall Instructions :
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