X-Core Galactic Plague Srategy Apk Mod Unlocked

X-Core Galactic Plague Srategy

X-Core Galactic Plague Srategy

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X-Core Galactic Plague SrategyX-Core Galactic Plague SrategyX-Core Galactic Plague Srategy

Android Apk ModsDescription :

New race! New update!
The powerful Cult of the Ancients decided to take over the Earth.
Do you think this is just a strategy game?
It’s about human existence!
Play as ancient cultists with a new unique combat strategy.
Perform the summoning ritual, making sacrifices, turning new assistants into your cult, and spreading a real mental plague or psychic infection throughout the world!
Plunge into the abyss of madness by creating a mental outbreak of a pandemic. Use a sinister strategy to destroy humanity. But be careful not to go insane yourself before completing the Great Ritual.
Enjoy a new cult strategy games in the best traditions of Howard Lovecraft.
X-Core.Galactic Plague is a strategy game about an aliens outbreak. Play as alien invaders. It is like a plague that takes over cities and continents, first secretly, then apparently until the earth is destroyed. Try to take over the Earth. Don’t let people raise the rebellion. Develop a strategy to take over the planet.
It doesn’t matter who you play for – insectoids, ancient aliens, energetic entities, or the mighty USSR race – United Space Socialistic Republics.
Think strategically, act quickly, conquer continents and cities.
Made in the spirit of the top-rated strategy games X-Core. Galactic Plague will allow you to use your mind.
Don’t let humanity discover you too early. Prepare the earth for the alien invasion.
This is not just a strategy game – this is a galactic battle. The winner will receive the Earth.
X-Core. Galactic Plague is a really challenging strategy game for Android. Take on the role of alien invaders and attack earthlings with the game mechanics like in Plague or Pandemic. Test yourself. Fight against earthlings.
X-Core. Galactic Plague is not a usual strategy game. It is a real war. A space war depicting a clash of alien civilizations and earthlings. There have always been wars, but this battle you will never forget. Like the plague, galaxy invaders will attack the earth and leave only a fallout wasteland after them.
Aliens are attacking as never before! Pathetic earthlings can’t avoid the invasion. So they have to prepare their primitive weapons, missiles, tanks – everything that can help them survive this clash.

Android Apk ModsFeatures of X-Core Galactic Plague Srategy games :

– Greys – inquisitive, super smart.
– Reptiloids – aggressive and very strong.
– Insectoids – well adapted to any climatic conditions, have a collective mind.
– Egyptian gods – one of the most ancient and advanced races.
– Psychotrons – have very developed telepathic abilities, can control the minds of lower beings.
– Biomorphs – is the friendliest race in the entire galaxy with exceptional infiltration skills.
– Energy Form Of Life – invulnerable to any type of physical impact, inexplicably mysterious.
– Machines – never get tired, have a very high technical equipment.
– Galaxy Council – represents the chosen representatives of various races with their very best qualities.
– USSR (United Space Socialistic Republics) – have a great similarity with the human race, are far ahead in the development of people.
– Bastet – the offspring of the Egyptian gods.
– Сult Of The Ancients – has a lot of secret followers on Earth, has mystical power.
– Fourth Reich – the descendants of a group of Aryans.
– Techpriest – have the most innovative knowledge.
– Necromorph – very bloodthirsty and hardy mutants, do not require resources to exist.

Android Apk ModsFeatures of X-Core Galactic Plague Srategy mod :

– All Unlocked
– Advertise Removed

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