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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

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Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor
Android Apk ModsDescription :

This Heart Rate Monitor measure your heart rate by analyzing the blood flow information from your finger tip.
It is very EASY to use and the result is remarkably ACCURATE. 
Now it is offered FREE and allows UNLIMITED number of records and Unlimited number of heart rate measurement.
All the heartbeat data are saved and NICELY displayed to you. They are well organized in categories 
or you can simply use the state "GENERAL"
Android Apk ModsFeatures of Heart Rate Monitor apps :
- Fit for Health Monitoring
This heart rate monitor are suitable for people who are care a lot of their health condition or in need to monitor their
heart rate regularly. 
It suggests you fitness level information. Recent studies shows a higher heart beat rate in rest mode may
be link to a higher risk of heart diseases e.g heart attack, cardiovascular diseases, atrial fibrillation - Afib, stroke, stress and diabetes. And the more healthy you are, the slower your heart beat rate (but not extremely low) will be in rest mode.
Please be noted irregular heartbeat information cannot be identified because it may only only be fault trigger due to the poor steadiness of the finger putting on the camera. 
- Fit for Training Usage
It is also very suitable for people would like to measure their workout intensity e.g Running, Gym or any kind of training. It is perfect for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Cardio.
HR Monitor shows your exercise intensity level calculated based on your personalized maximum 
heart rate zone. And shows you which heart rate zone you are in -
"Recovery Zone", "Fat-Burning Zone", "Target Heart Rate Zone" and the "High Intensity Zone".
Target Heart Rate Zone is perfect for Cardio Exercise.
Just talked to my friend, he used to do pulse rate measurement using pulse meter and keep log by writing done for some reason. But now using this app, he can take his heartbeat any time and have a nice log to present.
Android Apk ModsFeatures of Heart Rate Monitor mod :
- Advertise Removed 
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